Davide Glassomizers
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    Davide Glassomizers

    Davide Glassomizers

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    Davide Glassomizer Features:

    1. Unique innovative Tube Locking System make the pyrex glass tube changeable, safer, more economic and easier cleaning.
    2. The volume of glassomizer can be easily upgaded by our longer spare tube and glass tube locker.
    3. Changeable metal drip tip, your current on hand drip tip will not be wasted.
    4. Art of state body shape and quality vapor function


    • Davide Glassomizer Diameter: Φ19mm*61mm
    • Davide Glassomizer Pyrex glass tube Diameter: Φ18mm*29mm
    • Thread: Standard 510 Thread

    Color Options:

    • Metal hardware Colors: Steel, Brass

    Davide Glassomizer Coil Head Resistance Options:

    • 1.8ohm
    • 2.2ohm
    • 2.8ohm

    Davide Glassomizer Kit Contents:

    • 1 x Davide Glassomizer
    • 1 x extra Davide Glassomizer Coil Head
    • 1 x eGo battery adaptor

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